What she dreaded has finally arrived: after four years of love, Iris and Matthew Mittenaere companion ended their relationship. Recently interviewed by Le Matin, the Miss Universe was speaking on the break and his new life in New York 

"I'm finally starting to get used to New York"Says our became Miss France Miss Universe. Iris Mittenaere, thus lives in the United States this year (the time of his reign) admits he has not always been easy to adapt to a life far from home. "Sometimes you just feel a little miss his life", She glides our colleagues. "There are times when I said to myself, 'I want to go home. I want to drop everything. '" 

The Lille continues, moved: "I miss my family a lot. At first it was only last year that a Miss France ... I feel I miss some important steps. (His voice trembled a little.) My nephew will soon have 2 years and I've only seen five times. It's sad ... After, we quickly relativized. It's still a great opportunity and I am delighted and proud of what happens to me."

Iris Mittenaere is aware of how lucky she is: have an apartment available for one year in one of the most beautiful areas of the Big Apple, to travel around the world ... So even if the woman comes to separate from his boyfriend, she keeps in perspective. "Everything is fine", She said. "This is not something negative being single. Knowing someone and his life changes completely everything in one year, it's complicated." 

The student apprentice in dental surgery (studies it puts aside the time of his reign) adds: "It does not necessarily signed up for this life. It is true that it is important to feel supported. the person must in front of me understand my situation and she live well. If this is not possible. Already during the year Miss France it was complicated ... With the distance and, especially, the difference in life led. After a while we did not share much left. It was hard to stay together." Anyway, Iris Mittenaere now seems to have wiped his tears to move forward. Who knows what awaits now. 

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